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PA email:

Satoe Ogawa CIR Prefectural Advisor

International Exchange Division
Nagano Prefectural Government
Tel: 026-235-7188
Fax: 026-235-1644
Office email:

Mike Sickels ALT Prefectural Advisor

Senior High School Section
Learning Advancement Support Division
Nagano Board of Education
Tel: 026-235-7435
Fax: 026-235-7495
Office email:

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  1. Please contact us by email for anything that is work-related. We use emails as records so that we can quickly and reliably track down information.
  2. If you have something to discuss that you feel would be better discussed over the phone, please email us first and let us know that you would like to set up a time to speak over the phone. Or, in the case of an emergency, please contact us via phone.
  3. If you would like to meet with the PAs one-on-one, please utilize the PA Consultation Time at conferences or email us to set up a meeting.

Please do not use the following to contact us for work-related concerns:

  • Facebook, Messenger, LINE, text, Instagram, etc. (A quick heads-up is fine, but anything requiring a detailed reply should be sent to our email address.)
  • JET gatherings: Exceptions can be made for information that we need to know right then and there. It is very likely that whatever someone might ask of us would require confirmation, which would require official documents that we won’t have with us. (This is also our time off, and we try to keep work from creeping into our personal time.)